Building Services

The correct application of water treatment in building services system is essential for the avoidance of corrosion, scale and microbiological fouling and to avoid the conditions under which the Legionella Pneumophila Bacterium may proliferate.

AQUAtreat can provide the following services and producst to ensure that building services are maintained in a fashion that conserves energy, Enhances system performance, prolongs system life and minimizes the risk from Legionnaires Disease and other water Borne Bacteria

  • Risk Assessment
  • Pre-commission Cleaning and Flushing
  • Tank cleaning and Disinfection
  • Corrosion and scale control in closed circuits (Both chilled water and Heating)
  • Shower head cleaning and disinfection
  • Treatment monitoring
  • Tank and calorifier inspection
  • Water sampling and Analysis
  • Disinfection systems e.g. chlorine dioxide, U.V.
  • Water tank replacement and refurbishment

Fully Qualified and Experienced engineers undertake all work.

For any enquiries or further information on the products and services we offer, please contact us or send email to