Janitorial Products

Janitorial Products





  • Gorilla wipes:
    A true all round multipurpose cleaning wipe. Suitable for hands and surfaces for removal of oil, grease, silicones and adhesives.
  • Anti-Bacterial Wipes:
    Are impregnated with an anti-bacterial solution. This highly-effective disposable food safe wipe contains a broad spectrum biocide and is suitable for all catering applications. Suitable for hands and surfaces.
  • Lavette Super Wipes:
    Chicopee Lavette Super has an unique bulky open structure which gives excellent dirt pick-up and is particularly good for removing dried on dirt and food.  Dirt particles rinse out easily and  the cloth resists staining, staying fresh even after extended use.   This durable wipe can be washed and re-used at least 15 times and is resistant to the growth of micro-organisms even after washing.



  • Rags:
    5kg bag of white rags
  • Black Bags:
    150 gauge 18 x 29 x 39 200per case. All bags are made from recycled material.
  • Carrier Bags:
    White 11 x 17 x 21 2000per case. All bags are made from recycled material.



  • Various size soft and hard sweeping brush heads
  • Deck brush
  • Hand brushes soft and hard



  • Socket mod heads 5 per pack


Channel blocks:


  • A complex mix of powerful bacteria designed for Gents urinals, either bowl urinals or Troughs and slabs. Used to help clear blocked pipe work and eliminate smells.
Industrial Wiping Rolls
2 Ply Blue Industrial Roll 360mm x 1000 Sheets
Hand Towels
1 Ply Green C-Fold Hand Towel (1x2880)
Standard Toilet Rolls
2 Ply White Toilet Roll 25M (200 Sheets) (1x18x2)
Jumbo Toilet Rolls
2 Ply White Jumbo Toilet Roll 400M 60mm Core (Case/6)
Centre Feed Rolls
2 Ply Blue CentreFeed 195mm x 400 Sheets (Case/6)